About PEYL (Pervin Ece Yakacık Leczycki)

My journey with drawing which started in 2009, has evolved into oil painting.
I graduated from the department of architecture in 2014 and 2016 December I started my website(stretchedpaw.com) to share drawing tutorials.

Now I both draw ink fine line, and paint details of nature in realism -focus on making wide range of color and creating  the perception of depth with tones and contrasts, adding my own modified elements inside.
While painting those –mostly– landscapes, I get help from my technical background -thinking in layers and dimensions, and I often borrow textures from my drawings. I like playing around details.

I am always glad by your feedback. Leave me your comments.

Warsaw, 2020

P.S.If you are interested in any of my works, contact me, please.

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