21 Cows

There’s something fun about those cows. There are twenty-one of them, let’s see if you can spot 😀

21 Cows, 70×100 cm oil on canvas. 11.2020.

There’s a major work of palette knife, and the cows are made with brushes.
The trees and bushy greens we see at the far ground show where the field ends. They have so little details, then we can focus on foreground easily. That far ground part is especially made on impression of abstract forms, with a very few colors and their tones.

What about some close-ups? ^^

This is the left side.

Middle part, the one in the focus.

closeup 3

And here are my right side cows.

I’m a bit brighter than my usual pallet in this painting. Hope you like it ^^


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