Fair Lady in the Woods

Fair Lady In The Woods is a step out of my comfort zone. I do like human anatomy as much as painting nature, but still it’s some kind of challenge to me.

Fair Lady in the Woods, 10.2020, oil on a 30 cm canvas board.

I left the eyes blank on purpose, for that my aim wasn’t to show the beauty of a woman who’s smiling, the smile makes her look even more beautiful.
We look at her so direct, and it is the easiest angle to paint a face. So it didn’t make sense to make pupils to strengthen the emotion, instead, I wanted to not have a simple beauty & positivity in the composition, like posing to a camera hundreds of times.
I like the idea more of a smiling woman with something missing in her, then we can ask what it is that kills the expression.

It will be in a charity auction for diabetics, Aukcja Charytatywna na rzecz fundacji ‘Najsłodsi‘, on 05.05.2021.

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