Here is a painting, it’s been half year already that I made it, is about strong sun reflection on a dark water surface. While the composition has the perception of floating lotus flowers from left down corner -where we stand close, to the right up corner, other corners also have the reflection of a cloud and a sand wave from the bottom, they fall into their places in balance.

reflections oil painting

Reflections, 70×100 cm oil on canvas, 08.2020

close up1

The closeup to the right up corner with the cloud reflection at the top.

close up2

Right down corner, with yellow details. I am so excited of my little pinks in this closeup, as much as I am for the yellows -I bet that sounds odd.

close up3

This is the strong light on the dark water, and how it swallows the green of the lotus leaves and turns them into pale tones of green. This is where we see exactly black and white. That thing names the painting.

close up4

The last closeup is from the right down corner with the date and my monogram P.ECE, when I was trying different signs, nowadays I go with ‘Pervinece‘. You’ll hopefully see in the next posts in the new paintings ^^

I have a lot of painting that I did not share here yet.
Boy, I should catch up sometime soon 😀
Be safe, see you!

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