Floyd’s Cows

A photo I took on a trip to Northeast of Poland gave me the idea of this painting. I exaggerated the greenery and added some ladybirds.

floyds cows peyl2

Cows, ladybirds, leaves and grass… Floyd’s Cows, 60×80 cm oil on canvas

This painting gives me the feels that I almost hear Gilmour’s lingering on particular notes as he bends the strings. That’s why I call it ‘Floyd’s Cows‘.


Close up to the left cow. You can see the use of hot color in details.


Close up to the cow on the right. Grass gets bluer on the right.


Close up to the left down part where you can see the most ladybirds and some unexpected flowers ^^


Right down corner, PEYŁ 0820.

Hope you like it.
Do you hear any music?

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