The bridge over raged water

A classic song by Simon and Garfunkel gave me the vision of this composition, only that I changed the word ‘Troubled’ to ‘Raged’, and as a reference, used a photo I took for the bridge. Of course there is not that much water under the famous bridge in Stańczyki, Northeast of Poland.

bridge sketch

Here is the sketch of the idea I got first, but then I changed the image of the bridge to a different angle, to go better with the movement of the waves.

painting steps 2

Painting steps, basically I have 3 planes.

The place I visited in June, Stańczyki, there are two huge stone bridges built for railroads, where you can walk from on its one side to the other, then you find stairs to down, where is so green and a little river flows. Especially down on the ground in between the bridges’ columns it felt like walking in some Middle Earth scene, and then I heard that a friend has also felt in this way when he was there.
Oh, actually, why not add one of a photo I took?


It’s 36,5 m high, 180 m long and has been built in between 1912-1918, not finished until the end of WWI.


Bridge Over Raged Water, 08.2020, 60×80 cm oil on canvas.

closeup 1

Close up to its center. I love the spatula work and the way it makes the impression of huge pyramidal waves.

closeup 2

Left down corner, with slight touch of green from my pallet, and turquoise at the far.

closeup 3

Right down corner, PEYŁ 0820, and some purple in the massive wave in there.

Hope you like it. ^^
Have a nice day and be safe!


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