Soul of Forest

This is a composition of a blinding light beam in the forest, and its happenings around it.

soul of forest sketch

So I sketched the idea on an A5 paper before starting painting it. There is a blank rectangular area to depict light beam I call the ‘soul‘. The happenings around it –the brunches, and the fallen trunk– all together look like they wrap around the beam. The beam is tearing off the composition pretty tough.

painting steps 2

You can see its process in here, where I work layer over layer, from background to foreground most likely from darker tones to lighter ones.

soul of forest

Soul of Forest, 80×120 cm on canvas, 08.2020

If you pay attention above, you can see another light beam reaching to a white tree trunk and its greenery in some distance of the forest on the left up side of the painting, at the far background. Dropping a close up from that corner:


The left up side, there is even a third trunk over there, catching less light.

soulofforest closeup 1

This is the left down corner.
Applying different tones of green in just one brush stroke makes a realistic impression with adding stains, scratches, curves and thickness to my leaves. That’s what I love about painting nature.

soulofforest closeup 2

Right down part with my initials and the date.

So, I found myself painting a lot of green lately. There is much joy in these tones.
Have a nice day! ^^

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