Trunk Stories

Here is a painting of a huge trunk, a huge trunk means many years of age and witnessing many passerby’s stories. That’s I called it Trunk Stories.
I got the inspiration during a trip to Stary Folwark(in Poland), when I landed my hand on a trunk that my hand was super small on it.

trunk stories stepProgress, early steps. I painted the trunk with a bright color and for more layers of the tree I kept adding darker tones. For the surrounding of the tree, I mean in the rest of the painting surface I made the back ground dark green, almost black, and then added leaves in brighter tones and various sizes. 
trunk stories painting step

I love the leaves, and it is so much joy to create perception of depth with tones and sizes of the painted thing. Here is the early step of the leaves, they are the darkest and the smallest ones, as they are the ones at the far back ground to create the sense of depth.

trunk stories oil painting

Trunk Stories Oil Painting 60×80 cm oil on canvas, 07.2020

trunk stories close up 1

Left part of the painting.
I love it when a painting meets the audience and gets different meanings. For example for this closeup above, someone said that she sees a hidden cat in there, something I haven’t intended and never thought of.
But it is quite fun to meet such comments. Later on I saw an eye in there. The audience had sharp eyes, I can say.

trunk stories close up 2

Middle part of the painting where you can see the little flowers in ‘brilliant yellow‘ on the wide moss covered trunk.

trunk stories close up 3

Right side of the painting with my initials and the date.

I have tried something new this time. As I started cooperating with galleries and auction houses, I decided to make a little video of an each piece to keep record of details, I see that I am fond of them, so I said why not publish them on YouTube in my humble channel. Well, I am not so sure about the publishing part, so, I’d really appreciate your thoughts about it.

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