The Water Surface

So here is a painting, which is going to be under hammer for the Rempex 88 Aukcja Sztuki Współczesnej (Lot No:369) ^^
Let’s wish good luck for it!the water surface sketchHere is its sketch, there you can see the dots of felt tip pen for the color choice. It is good to have the idea on paper, it makes things faster and easier on canvas. the water surface processProcess in four steps.
While painting in the evening, I set a night lamp on the left side and I saw how it made brighter on the left. I realized that the light made it better as moving from right to left, also the lotus flowers are partially highlighted, –right and left– it is quite balanced in this way. This is how I made a bright spot there on the left around the big rock. the water surfaceThe Water Surface, 07.2020, 80×120 cm oil on canvas.
We see the reflections on water and the water is that clear that we also see what is at its bottom, too. There is nothing between the eye of the viewer and the water surface. closeup 1Left side, close up
closeup 2The middle part, close up
closeup 3Right side close up, my initials PEYŁ and 0720 the date.

I am happy to say that as the maker of this painting is that the selection of color and the composition are successful, I am quiet satisfied ^^
I enjoyed painting it veery much.
Hope you like it, too.
Take care!


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