Bird Nest Oil

Four birds in a nest, modified flowers and sweet leaves around them –Bird Nest Oil Painting.bird nest ink oilEarly step, covering the whole surface with oil. It is based on one of a fine line ink drawing you see above, which was made in May 2020.bird nest painting stepsFour steps from the progress. I placed the birds at first. 

paint peyl
Yeah, painting is a serious act.

bird nest oil paintingBird Nest Oil Painting on canvas, 81×100 cm, 07.2020
That was my biggest painting at the time, and it’s been just a month.bird nest closeupClose up to the birds. Let me make something clear before you ask: these birds are not hungry, they just sing Rebel Yell by Billy Idol \m/

It was so joyful to paint this one.
Somehow time by time the joy increases I figured out.
Tell me what you think about it ^^
Have a nice day! Keep in touch!

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