Red&white roses in oil -the colors made me think of wine, and I have my beer right at the moment while writing this, and listening to Ball and Chain.
Lovely.roses painting stepsPainting process above.
The third frame –the hideous green step I call– was like a ‘oh no‘ moment. I thought it looked like some flowers on a cover of some holy book. But once I started adding some tones of green(+ some red&blue=purple) in the shape of leaves, the painting changed immediately. Proses oil paintingRoses Oil Painting
24×30 cm oil on canvas board.
So the photo above is captured with a dim light, and the second one(below) with brighter. See how the dark swallows the brighter tones, and changes the mood of the painting. I feel like I offer two different compositions here ^^ :p roses oil painting light
I have only one unfinished painting of flowers, which is from last year. So this is the first finished flower painting.
Wondered why I haven’t been painting flowers. It is quite fun.
I think  I’ll be more into them in the future.

See you in the next post! ^^

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