Cap at the Counter

Never worked on an interior painting before, and it gave me a pretty hard time I must say. Anyways, I am glad with the result.
cap at the counter painting stepsI wrote this in April:
‘When I took the reference photo(December 2019) -besides the fact that the scene was so unusual for me- I thought that it might make a nice ‘Edward Hopper-like’ painting. Anyway, I would have never thought that we globally would find ourselves in such an environment of isolation, and abandoning public places. I found myself painting this interior of a cafe at the cinema.
The current situation led me to make this empty interior painting, nevertheless I like the feeling of freedom that of a landscape painting gives me.’

cap at the counter oil painting04.2020, oil on canvas board, 30×21 cm
cap at the counter closeupIn the painting here, I referred to the counterman’s cap from the Nighthawks painting with adding a cap on the empty counter symbolically.
#callitsymbolicalifitdoesntlooklikeanything #lol

Now I too have an interior painting :p
See you in the next post! ^^

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