Fish Brown

Here is an ink drawing of some fish, made with a brown brush pen, 0.1 blue and green pens. I have the green in the moss and in the fish blended with major blue. fish brown ink drawingFish Brown, 26×40 cm, 03.2020.
The fish are blue though, I named the file in my computer by the background’s name, so it stucked to my mind as ‘Fish Brown‘ already.
The brown part got me brushing on it over and over and over.

Closeups: fish brown ink closeup2Left up. fish brown ink closeup1Left down part with my initials PEYL, and the date 03.2020.

Lately I have been a little lazy to share anything in here.
Or maybe I’ve just been exhausted by the things happening all around the world to all of us.
Already feels like we passed the hardest part of it, hope I won’t be mistaken.

I hope it was all okay for you guys. Keep going on.
Be safe.
Go go go.

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