A combination of ideas from different photos, yet it is still made kinda by heart, which makes things harder for me. I wanted to have a dynamic composition with a sky at the background which takes the biggest area in the whole composition, then with the dry shrubs in the foreground, I thought I could bind the foreground and background. For the sense of the viewer standing at a higher plane, I added a road down there with some trees along.

That is a commission work, which was asked to be in light colors. So I tried again to have something light. oil painting progressProgress of the painting.
It starts with a quick rough sketch on the canvas, then moving to the background, then the middle ground, then to the foreground, etc. IMG_20200310_164748And this is me messing somewhere around sunset time, guess why the progress is so slow :p shrubs sunset oil paintingDone!
70×100 cm oil painting on canvas, 03.2020.

It’s pretty hard to find a title sometimes. So it is just Shrubs&Sunset.
Closeups: detail 3From the left up. detail 2Moving a little down from there. detail 1This is somewhere in the center of the painting. 
detail 5
Right down part.
detail 4
Right down corner, initials, and date.

Besides the idea behind it, and some nice details, I have a strong sense of suspicion about this piece in some ways. After all, it feels safer to stick to just one photo and completely be based on it. 
Drop a comment and please let me know what you think about it. 

Be safe&have a nice day!

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