I’m grateful for the trip we took that day with the motorbike. When we got lost, it was already too late to go back and we just didn’t know when we were going to be on one of a main road again. That wild part of the island -Lesvos-, left us with exquisite sights in the memory and I came up with two paintings this January.
sketch on canvasHere is a rough sketch on canvas for seeing the proportions of the spaces, in order to imagine what it will be like.
dryland painting processPainting process with its little environment.
For this painting, I’ve been trying something new, which is in contrast to the dry landscape, I tried to keep the feeling as smooth as possible.

Dryland oil painting‘Dryland’ oil painting on canvas.
50×70 cm, 01.2020

And now, some closeups: dryland closeup bushCloseup to the left down part of the painting.
It was supposed to be a light painting, so, I didn’t apply many details this time. In order to keep it smooth, I contoured the shrubs with a spatula by scratching the surface partially.
dryland closeup to the treeThat’s the bigger tree near the road. dryland background tree closeupCloseup to the tree in the background, on the left side of the painting.dryland hill closeupBlending the highest hill and the sky with soft brush strokes.
Down a bit, the road is sharp and a bit edgy in contrast. dryland closeup initialMy initial and the date on the right down part.

Would be nice to learn what you think of the ‘new little thing’ I tried.
Keep in touch! ^^

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