Into the wilderness of Lesvos

I painted this piece with full dedication of 4 days, from early morning till going to bed, a piece of full of joy ^^

sketching the paintingHere is a quick sketch on canvas, in order to see proportions of the sky, the abandoned cottage, the hill beside it, and the foreground. oil painting progressHere is the painting process under a nightlamp in the first and second frames, and sunset in the third frame. into the wilderness of lesvos oil paintingInto the wilderness of Lesvos, 50×70 cm oil painting on canvas, 01.2020.

And let’s see some closeups: closeup1Middle of the painting. closeup2Right up closeup3Those dry shrubs bind the foreground, middle ground, and background. closeup4Right down part of the painting, my initials and the date.
I scratched the canvas with a spatula and left some places blank, where you can see it in the little bush on the right-up in this photo above. And this is the way I made the dry shrubs, it made my process way faster and accurate in a way I wanted.

It had been a long time since I last painted. I felt how much I have missed it and had this piece pretty quick.
Hope you like it ^^,


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