Kissing in the Wind

This week’s drawing is based on a song called ‘Kissing in the Wind‘ by Travis, I sent it to their little art competition a couple hours ago. kissing in the wind progressHere is the progress in four steps.

Close-ups: closeup left upLeft up closeup left downLeft down
You may ask what those horizontal lines are about. They are drawn by instinct a bit. In the bigger picture, they look like featuring the land under the bush –the land from where the flowers growcloseup right downRight down with the title, my initial and the date.
flowers grow and rise with the wind. closeup right up
Right up kissing in the wind peyl ink drawing20×45 cm approximately, ink drawing, Jan 2020.
This is an abstract-like landscape drawing depicting bushes and a flying flower. Based on the dense feeling of a fine kiss leaves on the lips, so, this is Kissing in the Wind.

I submitted the last image.
Wish me good luck! ^^

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