Gravity of the ink town in rock

The first post of 2020 with the last drawing of 2019 ^^

The idea I had was based on gravity, the gravity of ink. There was supposed to be a blank area for the sky, then an area for the buildings in rock, then an area for the dark ink at the bottom. Something like three sections.
ink town drawing processThe process generally starts with a sketching pencil at first, I draw plain to see the proportions before drawing with a pen. work environmentI took this photo to show my work environment for my brand new IG page, peyl ink and oil,  I think a have a little right to promote myself here 😀 drawing process.jpgHere I made a frame with a sketching pencil for the dark bottom I mentioned above, right after finishing drawing my buildings.

gravity of the ink town in rock2‘Gravity of the ink town in rock’ 36×57 cm, fine line ink drawing, December 2019.
The up line of the frame, which is 57 cm, drawn from left to right at once (I should say here that no ruler has been used anywhere). While drawing the long line, the time spent seemed longer and I prayed for the phone not to ring. It rang approximately 5 minutes later I’m done. closeup 1Close up to left closeup 2Close up to right closeup 3Close up for the right down part with the name of the piece, the date, and my initial.


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