Need Some Motivation?

On the last day of the year, I found myself thinking of my little big achievements in 2019, pushing through December to be able to say ‘already took steps towards my 2020 goals‘, taking whatever I can take from the year about to end. While thinking, I felt like I have things to tell. So, I want to share my thoughts on my experience through the years, hoping it will encourage and motivate you. Mostly I’ll talk about drawing but what I say here is applicable in any other fields as well.

I have heard from friends that they have some interest only, no passions. In this case, you go deeper into your interest then your feelings grow.  

Invest in the skill.
Learning is like a habit, you do it -it is easy, you see the growth and the reward to it is self-satisfaction.
In the field of your area, you’d feel hungry and excited about learning new information. If you don’t feel in this way, I mean if practice/exercise/learning feels like a burden to you, actually you may be standing at a point where you’ll unlock an incredible achievement. At first, it might be tough, though, you should push yourself to be disciplined in learning regularly.
When I had been drawing only portraits of women with raw skills, that was years ago, I had thought that the only subject I ever want to work on was this. Then for some reason, I put myself through a very strict schedule to learn everything from the basic level to advanced, it opened a new window for me -I wasn’t expecting that. Saying so sincerely, I got hungrier for learning and my interest in topics&ideas for creating has been evolved, I was surprised.

There is no exact point where you should be, it is a process, a journey. Throughout the journey, from time to time you’ll feel that you’re doing better with your medium. I love that feeling. You get comfortable with it, and more self-confident as well.
Looking back at all the things you created so far is also a very good feeling to experience.
In conclusion, you make the knowledge first, then you have a better eye for compositions, then you start speaking through your work –if you want to. Sometimes it is only about the craft itself.

In order for investing, spare time for active learning.
Concentrate and don’t let the distractors be around you. This doesn’t mean isolate yourself from the world, we don’t have that luxury(and it’s no needed). Focusing is a state of mind. If you have ‘slight addiction’ to your smartphone, for example, be aware, leave it, don’t refresh pages, saying. I said it because it is the most common.

Give it time.
Under the surface of a great piece of work, there is most likely the practice of years!
In any field of life, for mastering a skill, you should put a great amount of good quality of time. I have learnt a lot more on guitar in the last 2 years than the last 10 years before that. I had been wandering.
Pay attention to what you’re doing. Make plans of your own. Making plans and setting goals work for me. Deadlines also work, you can try.
“It’s gonna take time/A whole lot of precious time
It’s gonna take patience and time/To do it right, child”

Yes, pour your heart into what you do, but avoid the thought of ‘perfection‘. It draws you back, prevents you from doing what you want to do. You get obsessed. Nothing is perfect, that’s why art is more valuable.

There is a concept of ‘humanization‘ on computers. Let me explain that shortly, for I know a little. Producers who compose music on computers do that ‘quantization‘ for having elements imperfect such as timing, which makes it better for the human ear.
No meaning in using a ruler.

Learn when to let it go, in case you feel like you can’t finish a piece.
Sometimes feels like there is always more to do it. You’ll know when it is finished.

Don’t compare yourself to others.
You would get influenced and be inspired by others’ works, though, don’t do the comparing. There is no race in art, either a finish line. I won’t say everyone is unique, I don’t think it is that simple. But you’d be unique, in your own way, if you work on it. Ambition makes me think, I am not sure if we really need this kind of negativity. My working basis is based on excitement. Find yours.  

Dealing with discouragement by the environment:
One more thing is you’d be discouraged by other people, in your early stages especially, by the very close people in your life sadly. You’ll also see that the way they change their attitudes towards what you do. If once they can’t understand ‘why you’re doing this!?‘, later on, they start seeing a brighter future for you. Don’t be offended, don’t take it personally somehow. Keep going. If I’ll say all you need is inside of you, I’m afraid that might sound too dramatic (little laughs here).
As you grow as an artist, the feedback you get motivates you. Once you found it within you, now comes back to you from outer sources. How nice it is.



P.S. Have great fun tonight!

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