It’s already been months that I made that head of clay, something experimental, or let’s say accidental, which was this: clay headA couple of months later I had time and a great wish draw it, I was going to frame this fine line face with ink flowers. The frame idea comes from lettrine, ornated initials.
So here is the sketch: clayman ink.jpgAnything symmetrical as intended, a terrific face, made with fine line ink pens and a brush pen.

Another thing is that drawing portraits is especially hard for me and I can’t get close to my references. Here is the thing I do; I turn the reference photo upside down to lose the perception of the face, instead I start seeing outlines and proportions clearly. This technique works well for me. You can give it a try as well.

I guess shaping clay is a great way to feed the imagination and inspiring in some ways.
Let me know your opinion.
See you in the next posts!

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