Travel Hits

This is a fine line ink drawing of a statue from Potsdam Old Town Hall, near Berlin where I’ve been for the concert of Fleetwood Mac recently. I consider myself so lucky not only for the great memory I made on the day; also I came up with that ink drawing from the trip. 
ink statue stepsHere above is the four steps of the progress.
skull statue ink drawingThis is its done version, 45×56 cm ink drawing I really like. The skull, horns, and leaves are from my reference photo. I completed the rest with some slight lines of grape and leaves, for in the area in Sanssouci Palace I’ve seen grapes and grape leaves around figure statues.
And now some closeups:
detail 1The heart of the drawing
detail 2A bit left
detail 3The grape leaves I mentioned above, drawn simply not to interfere with the skull at the center.
detail 4The background has a slight texture of lines and curves to indicate the marble, that part’s drawn by heart.
detail 5Date and my initial.
On the right side, there is a frame-like part with lots of ‘+’. Well, ‘I heard it through the grapevine‘ (CCR version) was playing at the time when I was drawing here, and this was the long outro of the song. I used its drums as how it feels to me on the right side of the paper.

I should say that it was so joyful to draw this one, the biggest ink drawing of mine so far.
Please, leave a comment down below, let me know what you think.

Nice sketching you all! Good day!

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