Jesus brat Elia

Jesus brat Elia is a commission job. I paint landscapes most of the time, so when I was asked if I could paint this, I took it as a challenge and accepted. The process was quite joyful, I can say.
Jezus brat Elia painting stepsHere is the process.
I had a reference image for that. You know, the head is tilted and looking side-down, you see your guidelines passing from the eyes, nose, and lips which are all parallel to each other. I have covered all this related information in my tutorials of head and hand before.
But somehow it didn’t work for me so well -also harder to draw on canvas than a paper. So in the very first step, I turned that image upside down and drew what I saw with a sketching pencil. This upside-down image makes you lose your perception of the face you see. Sometimes you may need this, just to keep in mind.
jesus brat elia oil paintingHere is a dramatic composition; the done version of Jesus brat Elia Oil Painting.
, 18×24 cm on canvas board.

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