Tranquil (no horizon)

Tranquil(no horizon) was supposed to be a calming painting for the audience. I just wanted to be able to look at it very long, calm down and take rest a bit. tranquil no horizon ink sketch.jpgAn ink sketch from February 2019. There is a one point perspective grid for the waves, or ripples, and one big mass of cloud. The xes on the sides are where there is the horizon, in the middle of the paper, this is where I planned to lose both clouds and waves.

The composition is light, there is a modified cloud in the form of a curtain, I tried to make you feel the wind through it and chill.
tranquil painting stepsPainting steps of the ‘planned’ version of the painting. I used some blue and green oils for the down, blue for the up part. curtain cloud closeupCurtain cloud didn’t work out like how I sketched it.
So I went on putting some more oils in a way how it feels in a limited free time of mine.
Some close-ups from the finished version:

detail 1Left-down part. Beside spatula and brush, I used a sponge this time for some more of the texture. You can see them, slight black&whites.
detail 2Right-down part with the date and my initial.
detail 6.jpgAnother close-up
detail 5A bit up
detail 3Leaving conscious work and following what the spatula does.
detail 4Clouds now, could you tell?
tranquil no horizon oil painting 2.jpgTranquil(no horizon) Oil Painting on canvas, 06.19, 70×100 cm

Tranquil(no horizon) is a composition of a landscape where I depict my inner state of mind, how tired I am and how much I need rest.
So, this painting is also about the lack of enough time one needs. This is the reason that it made me paint faster and roughly. I decided to post here the rest of my paintings I finished, they are a few, then have a long break.
Wish you enough time of your producing process requires. And don’t forget to take rest like me, otherwise, your body makes you remember that in other ways.
Happy days!

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