Poured Sea

This is a painting where I tried to create a dynamic, pot-like landscape to pour water in.
poured sea oil painting progress 3H
ere is the painting progress, you can see 3 layers; the sky, sea, and surrounding green. All layers have a different texture. I used a sponge on the sky layer, a hard brush for the sea. Detail 1A closeup, taken under sunlight. The green part where I was thinking of some textures rather than realism.
I used white and silver for leaves in that green part to create some contrast, thinking of light coming from the opposite side and highlighting the contours of the leaves. detail 3Moving a bit up, a branch and its leaves, whites&silvers together. The texture of the green overflows to the sky and I bind the layers in this way. detail 2Another closeup, where you can see three different textures and the way they are blended.
poured sea oil painting
Poured Sea Oil Painting, 06.2019, 18×24 cm on canvas board.
Happy paintings you all!

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