Child In Time

I’m about to get off the bus, Child In Time is playing through my earphones and I’m almost forming Jon Lord’s keyboards in my head, picturing the whole song and the outro at its top.

I’m excited, I’m having a vision of a song I admire. I admire the whole work of each player and Ian Gillan’s famous screams.

Finally, the visualization of Child In Time in my head finds its body on canvas.

Child in time oil paintingChild in time, 03.19, 40×80 cm oil on canvas.

Here is how I sketched the vision when I got home not to forget the idea: child in time idea sketch.jpgThe composition is parallel to its lyrics, very straight thinking, I’d say. You see a black line behind the big bullet which is drawn between ‘good‘ and ‘bad‘. The blind man who is shooting at the world is outside of the canvas, we don’t see him. From his direction ‘bullets flying‘ as you see on the left side of the painting. child in time painting stepsPainting process above in six steps. child in time experimentFor the last touch of the painting, in the bathroom, I placed the painting like this and splashed the dark part; which wasn’t something accidental, it was rather experimental and I had been so in between to do or not to do it. child in time detail 8You’d better close your eyes, bow your head, wait for the ricochet‘ with accompanying silhouettes behind.
Close up from left… child in time detail 1…to the middle, the picture of the keyboard in my head. child in time detail 6Moving right, through the destruction. child in time detail 9The very right side of the canvas, with my initial and date, 03.19. This one took a quite long time to dry, the splash I mean. But, in this part of the painting, the oil layer is very thin, especially around the TV you can see whites, these areas blank. child in time detail 2Bubbles of the little child. child in time detail 3The big two bubbles; one exploded by the big bullet, one escaped. child in time detail 4Closer…
The bubble on the right-up has reflections of the ‘good‘ and the ‘bad‘.
child in time detail 5and closer.
child in time detail 10And the sky with the blood has that kind of texture. It is a thick layer to indicate the outro of the song.

The best company is good music for ideas, good music for the creating processes, good music for ears&life!
See you next time!


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