Fineline from Masuleh

Fineline ink sketch from a village called Masuleh, in Iran.

This is a sketch where I didn’t use any sketching pencils&eraser earlier to re-draw it later with ink. A little challenge for a chaotic composition. masuleh neighboring ink sketch.jpgThis is a place where one’s roof is a street upstairs or a front of a door. When I googled Masuleh, I found out more about here and it quite took my attention.
In here, the buildings have been built into the mountain and are interconnected. No motor vehicle is allowed, for is not possible with all of those stairs and narrow pedestrian areas. Masuleh is the only Iranian city with that prohibition, Wiki says.

The very first thing I thought when saw the reference photo of this sketch was how nice it would have been to live in such a neighborhood with all your loved ones around.
Quite chaotic, yet very beautiful I think.

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