Travel Hits

I wasn’t going to travel for a long time, for sure. As my friend poked me, and I had to answer her call; as I stepped out of my cave, then some sketches arrived.

brussels vitraux d art simonis

A niche on a street of Simonis, Brussels.

brussels basilica of the sacred heart ink sketch

One of the statues from The Basilica of the Sacred Heart, Brussels.

brugge street of dreams ink sketch

And this one is from a street in Brugge.

While shading the facade of this one, RainbowStreet of Dreams was playing. I thought the lyrics of the song fit the sketch so much and I could use it for shading and texturing the surfaces.

I will keep the idea for some next works I think.
I highly recommend the song, also, if you like some classic rock ^^,


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