One-point Weird Highway

I was so in between to name this piece ‘One-Point Weird Highway‘ or ‘Freedom on the Highway‘. I didn’t think much and simply said to myself ‘just go with one of them‘.

On January it’s been too busy to move my place and I neglected my page, that made me feel so uneasy. I have been painting my walls this time, keep going on my ink sketches, and painting a piece also. Finally, I am able to share it.

I really love watching the landscapes on the road, maybe it is because I don’t drive, and while watching around, the music evokes some things inside my mind. So, it was a sunset on the road, and I said I will paint it. one point weird highway ink sketchYeah, first here it comes its ink sketch. Sketches make things easier before starting a painting. It gives you area to think of the composition on a larger scale and see what you’re actually telling with your work; –what is it, what does it tell, how does it look?steps1.jpg

Painting process steps 2The step, right before the lights are on. one point weird highway right side lampsThis is how it is when I turn the lights on of the street lamps ^^
The left side of the painting. 
one point weird highway detail right down cornerFor the foliage on the sides, I made some textures. This photo above is taken under direct sunlight.

Also, I imagined the lines of the road as waves, and more like patterns as we go away and get closer to the vanishing point. detail 2 oil paintingThe right side of the painting, lights on.
one point weird highway detail centerClose-up to its center, where the vanishing point is on the right a bit of the center. one point weird highway detail left down cornerThere is a car on the left, hard to see, yeah, but there is something else, it is even harder to see, which is the word –freedom– written in the middle of the road, written white. one point weird highway detail down middleNow, can you read? ^^one point weird highway signRight down part, the date and my initial, and the waves I mentioned above. one point weird highway oil paintingOne-point Weird Highway50×70 cm oil painting on canvas. one point weird highway under sunlightWhat I like about this painting is that it offers different compositions from different distances and lights. In the darkest hour and especially from away, it loses its details and you can see the strong sunset composition. In light and especially as you get closer to it it gives you lots of details.

Hope to post more the next days and hope you enjoy the post.
Keep in touch!

If you are interested in the painting, here is my Etsy shop’s link:

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