Well, actually the painting has an interesting story behind it:

Around Feb-March ’18 I started painting that head of the rooster and very unlikely of me that I dropped it because I didn’t remember why I chose a rooster as a topic.

remember painting step.jpg
This is how I left it on the shelf for months :p

Then at the beginning of the December ’18, after finishing painting a piece of work, there was much oil to throw and I didn’t want to waste the colors. This is how I picked the dropped rooster and used the leftover oils on it.

remember painting close up
It’s a great coincidence for me that I realized the song at the background was repeating ‘Time to remember/I can remember’, so I named the painting ‘Remember’ instantly.remember oil painting

*Remember oil painting, 13×18 cm oil painting, 13×18 cm on canvas board
**The song is Budgie, Time To Remember
***PS: I still can’t remember why I picked that topic to paint.
****PS: Enjoy!

If you’re interested in my rooster, here is its link:

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