Wavy Clouds

Wait, what? What is it?

I would have liked to say that what I painted is a bird, but I am telling you that these are just wavy clouds with silver details. Since I’ve realized I stuck into reference photos and restrict myself; I said to myself I want to experience something different, slowly leave realism a bit and enjoy my strokes on the canvas surface; start to see it more like a composition and find something else in there.

oil painting stepsSteps of the painting. I used spatula mainly, fine brushes for the details in the end. There are blue’s tones and a little red inside.

detail 1A close up where you can see white and silver details done with fine brushes.

detail 2My initial and the date.

wavy clouds oil painting

Wavy Clouds Oil Painting 50×70 cm on canvas

When I finished the painting, it reminded me of Deep Purple’s Fireball album cover, according to my spouse it is the birth of an eagle, which sounds cool to me, I’m totally fine with it 😀 My mother saw there a dolphin, my brother did waves.

P.S.: If you hang it upside down, you will see Fireballs(DP), three of them. I’m laughing at my own painting.

I am looking for something on canvas, don’t know what it is. I ask myself “what is it?“, now ask it to you, too:
What is it? What do you see? What do you think?

If you’re interested in the painting, you can reach it here, from my Etsy shop account:

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