Dani’s Getting Lost

Here is a painting of layers; ‘Getting Lost‘ is a quite dynamic composition, I got the inspiration from my friend Dani’s Instagram account, as mr__wallet, where he has brilliant landscape photos.
I start with the painting process as always:getting lost painting stepsMy spatulas played the major role in this painting, there are layers of paints and layers of spaces; like:
skyfar background
the hill on the leftbackground
the seamiddle ground
the hill on the right and light colored rocksforeground

You can read the painting like sections.detail 2Left up
detail 11Going down a bit, enjoying the work with the spatula in the darks of the sea.
detail 5This image is about that guy who got lost actually. In the original photo, there are two people, must be Dani’s friends, but in my canvas, I realized I really don’t want to include any human, so I kinda lost the guy here with a slight grey silhouette that’s almost lost in the background.
detail 3Left down part, light-colored, like an abstract composition within itself.detail 4 Middle down rocks
detail 6Moving to right
detail 7
Right down part, my initial and date, 09.18.
detail 10Towards the sky slowly
detail 9The big white cloud, painted with several brushes
detail 8And another piece of cloud
getting lost oil painting 3Here is Dani’s Getting Lost Oil Painting, 50×70 cm on canvas.
I’d love to hear what you think of it.

You can have it from my Etsy shop:

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