Northern Palms

I often take photos when I am on the road; this is a typical landscape on Polish highway. So, one of those photos I’ve taken inspired me to paint this one.

northern palms painting stepsHere is the painting progress in four steps.
I started the painting from the background/far background; putting my oils on the canvas surface with a spatula and mixing them until how I want it to look like. There is a pass from up to down in the sky, pass of blue-light blue and pink(I mixed two tones of red with white and blue).
On the third frame trunks and foliage appears; I used a spatula for trunks, brush for the green.
The fourth frame is about the rest and details. Let’s see some of those details now:
oil painting detail 6.jpgA little bit of sky.
oil painting detail 5
Leaves I made with a brush.
oil painting bird detailI hid two birds in the landscape, somewhere close to canvas’ center, with silver wings.
oil painting detail 3Trunks and branches. You can see how spatula leaves unperfect line marks, which is perfect for the trunk. It gives different thicknesses and some texture to the trunk.

oil painting detail 4Some more trunks. You can see silver details in the trunks partly.
oil painting detail 2Right down part, sky and foliage are merging into each other with different thicknesses of oil.
oil painting detail 1My initial and date, right down part of the painting.
The bluish grey part at the down is the part of the motorway actually; but with the spatula, I made the foliage invade the asphalt a little bit, that made me think of roots of trees’ on the highway, a connection -sort of. You can see what I mean better in the next photo of the painting:

northern palms oil painting 2

So here it is: ‘Northern Palms’, original oil painting, 40×80 cm on canvas.

I am a little surprised how fast I have accomplished this piece, only 2 days -quite too fast for me. I filled it with some details like how I like to do always and pretty much enjoyed the result -maybe one of the most. You can drop a comment and let me know what you think of it, I’d be glad.


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