NightWave(sounds like ‘nightmare’ I’ve just realized) is one of the paintings that I felt my spatula moving freely on the canvas surface. That feeling is growing more day by day ^^

Darkness swallows the colors, so I liked the idea that having many different colors’ tones at night and I tried to capture many of them in the darks. I enjoyed those tones, what spatula’s done and details here and there.

There is that big main wave looks like two masses with white and green; and behind those, there are other lines of waves, they are slight.

steps 1Here are the steps of the painting, I started with the dark background, where the darkness covers the other wave lines. In the very first step the color layer is thin yet.
The second frame is about setting the background colors and leaving no empty space on the carvas surface.
On the third frame ripples appear and the same thing follows it in the next frame.

steps 2Here are some more steps, working more on the green&white wave masses; tones for the dimensional feel and ripples of course. It’s getting darker in the 3rd and 4th steps.

And now maany details:

detail 6Left side of the green wave.
detail 5Centre, where the green&white meet.
detail 4Going to right side on the big wave line as you realized, this is the close up to the white wave, where I like the spatula work the most.
detail 3The continuation of the white wave.
detail 7Above the wave where you can see spatula’s slight curves, more of it above.
detail 2Left down part, oranges(mars orange) are hidden in those tones you see 🙂
detail 8Ripples in the middle, such chaos!

night wave oil paintingAnd here is its done version, NightWave, 50×100 cm oil painting on canvas

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