Flower Field

Here I come with another field painting today, worked with a spatula and impasto mainly.

So it is going to be a flower field, then the flowers in the foreground are going to be bigger and more detailed or more in the form of a flower than the background flowers.
Here are the steps:

field painting steps 1

I worked with a spatula in the first two frames and what I can say is that I like to form the sky in this way a lot. So in the second frame, there is the green background color, where to work on later.
In the third and fourth frames, started adding flowers and leaves, here and there, some curvy lines and little dotes with some yellow-like light tones.

field painting steps 2

Time for the flowers, from foreground to the background, from big and detailed to the smaller and nondetailed.
The third frame is where I started applying impasto technique, which gives some thickness to the oil and perception of dimension.
The same thing goes on in the fourth frame, too.

field painting steps 4.jpg

In here I added the effect of the sunlight on the edges petals of the flowers. 

So, mainly there are 3 parallel main sections in this painting; foreground flowers with impasto(1/3 down part), background flowers (1/3 middle part), trees and the sky (1/3 far background). So with a light beam from the right-up corner to the left-down, I wanted to give some more movement to the painting and break the symmetry slightly.

flower field oil painting.jpg

So here is the final version of the painting:
Flower Field Oil Painting, 30×40 cm on canvas, May ’18.

Scroll down for the close-ups!

detail 3Left up close-up

detail 4Middle up part close-up

detail 5Right up close-up

detail 1.jpgLeft-down part close-up

detail 6Middle down close-up

detail 2.jpgRight down close-up

I hope you enjoyed the painting.
If you are interested in the painting, here is my Etsy Shop’s link:


Keep in touch! ^^

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