Pineapple Field

This time here I come with an oil painting I have finished a while ago.

Today is the day for a tutorial, I know, but I wanted to take a step away from tutorials for now and see how I should go on for better. So instead, I’m sharing a pineapple field with a stormy cloudy sky.

The idea occurred to me that I have been seeing an impasto painting of a flower field in a gallery, that stuck to my mind, I fell in love with it and I even regret today that I don’t know its artist.
Well, then I said it is time for some fields for me, working with a spatula the first time and some joy-like always-.

Let’s skip to painting steps.

painting steps 1.jpgThe first two, sky tone and working on the background color of the field part. The first tone, mix of some of my greens in my palette seemed so sweet, so I have worked on it.
There are two lines of contouring at the horizon, dark green to indicate some trees far, and sweeter green for, um, bushes maybe.
I have played with the sky some and carved it –I like to say it like that, cause it really felt in this way with a spatula in my hand-. And even after finishing the painting my very favorite part is the sky, I admit.

painting steps 2.jpgIn the first frame trying to catch the gritty texture in the far away part of the field.
The second frame to divide them and adding roads. Did the same on the third frame, earth on the foreground(lower part of the canvas) to the painting.
You can see in the third and fourth frames I added pineapples and their sharp leaves.

After those steps, I added shadows and some slight hot color tones to the leaves partly where you can see it below in the finished version of the painting.

pineapple field oil painting detail 3A close up from the middle part, landscape.

pineapple field oil painting detail 4A detail from the sky.

pineapple field oil painting detail 1Down middle part; where I am in love with the tones, thickness of the oils, mixtures of silvery green and mars orange.

pineapple field oil painting detail 2And here is the right down part of the painting with my name and date.

pineapple field oil painting.jpg

Pineapple Field‘, 30×40 cm on canvas, May 2018. Made with love again 😀 ^^

Another field painting is on the way. Keep in touch!

If you are interested in the painting my Etsy shop’s link is below:

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