A rhino

I had thought that drawing an animal from beginning to the end -the whole process- will be the last post of the whole ‘animal’ unit, and I was between an elephant and rhino to draw for that. Well, I have done the elephant, but rhino remained in my mind and I wanted to add a short post with rhino anyway.

I have started with studying the animal at first like I have done in the previous posts. rhino skull and skeleton drawingSo, I have done some sketching for skull and skeleton to get the general feature in my mind. rhino drawing memory studyAfter that I skipped to memory study, to check what I have in my memory of a rhino and then build a visual library in a way like –in the previous two posts you can find more detailed version of this study-, draw what you have in your memory and compare it to the animal (from life or from a photo/frozen moment of a video). Repeat the steps as long as you want to go and spare short time for each try, like a minute or two. The point of this study is building a visual library for the subject animal. rhino drawing step 1Then I skipped drawing from a reference photo, made that step with an HB pencil. Rhino drawingThis is how it was when I decided to let it go already. I used HB, 2B, 4B, 8B sketching pencils for the rhino; and soft pencils, blending stump and kneaded eraser for the background. 

So, the animal is topic is done for now. You can always go deeper and I think at least we should repeat these studies and refresh our memories from time to time.
Now trying to figure it out with what topic/unit I should go on to my tutorials.
See you in the next post! ^^

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