Spotaso Mountain Chain

Spotaso‘ is an invented word. Would be like the superlative of ‘spot’ if it would be a Spanish word.” says Dani, who inspired me to paint again one of his photos, which you can find in his Instagram account as mr__wallet. So, here comes a 60×100 cm oil painting, the spottest‘s green landscape.

painting steps 1Painting progress. There are many layers of mountain chains and the light comes from left up side; so the sky is slightly lighter in that part.

painting steps 2Mainly there are foreground(flat green in the down part of the third frame), middle ground(thick layer of flat green in the middle of the canvas in the first frame), background(navy-green part on the right up side) and far background(the sky, left up side).

mountain chain forest detail 3Detail from right up corner, where you can see how trees look tiny at the tops, there are some dots in the sky to define them. I loved those dots 😀

mountain chain forest detail 1Another detail which is at the (almost)center. For the texture of forest, I drummed the canvas surface with great songs in the background, it was extra joyful(I remember one of the songs was Aerosmith-She’s on fire, uu yeah).

mountain chain forest detail 2Detail from the foreground, middle down part of the painting. 

spataso mountain chain oil painting

‘Spotaso Mountain Chain’, 60×100 cm oil painting on canvas.


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