Palms in the Sunset Cloud

I realized I paint what I miss the most -it is the sea in this case. The other thing is that palm trees from my childhood -I even think of its tattoo on the right arm, to symbolize my childhood and the real home in my subconscious.

palms painting steps 1Before mixing colors for the right tones on the palette, I defined the places of the cloud, trunks and palms with a pencil in the simplest way. Set the background from dark to light. I used some red for the darker part of the sky. In addition, there are some skin tones and yellows in the cloud mass.

palms painting steps 2Up! 

And some details:detail cloud 3.jpgThis is the cloud, major mass of the painting, balancing the left side.

detail cloud 2And that’s the detail from the cloud, some thick part of the painting.

detail 1.jpgMiddle down part

detail 2.jpgRight down part with my name, I applied a little impasto for green here and above.

palms in the sunset cloud oil painting.jpg

‘Palms in the Sunset Cloud’, 50×70 cm oil painting on canvas.


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