A single boat

Here is an oil painting of a single boat and stones with a cloudless clear sky.
Summer, where are you?

single boat steps 1In the very first steps, I color the background in proper colors. Like in the first frame’s down part you can see that tone of green and slightly blue on it to indicate the direction of the slight wave.
The second and third frames are adding features to that background color; for up part of the painting it is ‘waves‘, for down part ‘stones‘.

single boat steps 2More of the steps; details.
The first frame here is about the passing between the ‘waves’ and ‘stones’ in a proper way; seeing less of the waves and slowly more of the stones.
The second frame is about the boat and adding some green of moss to the down part partly.
The third frame is about more of details, two ropes towards the boat and according to the sunlight’s direction(right up) shadow of the rope that fades away as we go deeper in the water.

single boat oil.jpgNow getting a bit closer…

single boat detail oil painting.jpg…and closer.

single boat detail oil painting 3A close-up

single boat oil painting

A single boat, 40×80 cm oil painting on canvas.
Available in my Etsy shop ^^

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