Invasion of a hot color into the cool blue water.

So many times I find myself inspired by my friend Dani’s shares on Instagram (mr__wallet); this time it was the photograph he called ‘Invasion‘, that got me super into it. The rocks and sea interpenetrate in a very natural way and create a composition for which I am so excited to see its general array.

invasion oil paint processThis is the process of the painting. It has two main colors, as they are opponent in color chart, blue&red (or a reddish orange).

details 4 oil painting
Detail 1

That is the rock almost in the center, which helped me during painting.

details 2 oil painting
Detail 2

Far rocks, less detailed, I more like enjoyed the touches of brush and mixing colors on canvas, appears in here with the daylight’s brightness in the photo.

details 1 oil painting
Detail 3

Another detail from left middle part of a little wave, with thick white foam.

details 3 oil painting
Detail 4

Right down part of the painting; an acute angle that I like a lot. It is a bit like as if something is written down in another language with an unknown alphabet in this part of the painting.

Also, it is possible to see the light clouds slightly hung in the sky by standing before the painting, but on the photos here.

invasion 50x70 2
See the clouds?

So, here is my 50×70 cm oil painting on canvas –Invasion-, I enjoyed painting it pretty much. I worked detailed as usual -that’s what I really love.

If you are interested in the painting, it is available in my Etsy shop:




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