Blackie Eyes

For many years I have been into his music and especially for the last couple of months, I was way too deep. What I love about painting is that it allows you to spend a longer time of period with the ‘thing‘; so I found a way to listen to W.A.S.P. and at the same time be together with those eyes, that hell of a voice -like fully-, and wonder what’s beyond those eyes.

lef eye painting stepsSteps of the left eye (or his right eye actually).

right eye painting stepsThe other eye’s steps.

sed eyes oil painting 2.jpgI worked on the color and texture of iris, thickened eyebrows a bit; his piercing big blue eyes, bangs and here it goes; 9×13 cm each, oil painting.

I thought I knew a lot about him through his music and lyrics, later on, I kind of realized I only thought I knew. There must be more of this talented human being, more of such a mysterious person.
Long live the king of mercy!
The painting is available in my Etsy shop ^^

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