Seven boats

So here is an oil painting 50×70 cm; I have been working on for a long time with the finest brushes(5/0, 10/0), as I love being lost in the details.


colorsI have few things to say about the general array of the painting. Boats seem like in the middle horizontal part of the canvas surface. The general color of the painting is blue’s tones, and the secondary color is green, both cold colors. On the right side, there is that color chart where you can place a rotated ‘Y‘ and you can see the opponent/component hot color for these two. So, for the details, I decided to add reds and every boat has more or less red. The major color of the one in the middle is red and it is also at the very center of the painting.

seven boats painting process.jpgIn the very beginning of the painting, I used thick brushes(25 and 60) for the general tones of the painting for the sky. Later on, you can see how I went on, like, the same thing for the closer part of the see, between the boats and the capturing eye, blending Renesans 74(burnt green earth) with blue and white; I managed the direction of the waves and set general background color mainly.

seven boats detail 2 oil painting
Detail 1

As I really like, I worked highly detailed with the finest brushes.

seven boats detail 3 oil painting
Detail 2

That’s the one in the middle and at the center.

seven boats detail oil painting
Detail 3

The one on the right.

You can have the painting from my brand new etsy shop:


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