It’s been a year (even a year and a month actually) since I’ve been here.

Finally I feel like I deserve a little break; though I don’t want to this, I just want to keep posting but I am tired a little bit.

While starting, the goal was posting regularly and I didn’t know if I was ever going to succeed to do that every week in a satisfying way for myself.  Through some ill and exhausted days; weddings in the family; moving several times with partial equipment, “that’s it, it is not going to be there on time this time.“s I managed it somehow. All the time I kept drawing, loved it more and more everyday and as a result that my drawing skill has grown I guess. Stretched Paw made me learn a lot, observe my environmet with a fresh version of my existent perspective which was as if always there but got dusty as I grew up.

I am not promising for any post in January, I say maybe. I want to.

SO, salute the holiday! All January is free for me *\o/*

But I am telling you that I will be back with human poses/figures, then we keep going on with the huge animal topic. So be ready.
Keep in touch. I will be back ^^

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