Drawing equipment, year comparison

So, here is the last post of the year! YAY!

I almost hear you saying “even today!?”
Well, it is only a comparison about growth of my drawing equipment within the last year.

It has already been a bit more than a year now since I’ve prepared my first tutorial on Stretched Paw, which was ‘Equipment for a better drawing‘ (I am dropping its link in the end.). And for that purpose I took the photo below:

“Smile you guys! It’s family pic!”

Another thing is that the furry watermark, which was as big as my ass at the beginning; later on I realized that it should be a lot smaller 😀

And now let’s see what the equipment became:

my art supply dec 2017.jpg
A beautiful part of my life

I extended my art supply with more canvases, oils, oil pastels, a wooden easel etc. and I didn’t buy anything more than I needed I must say.

Equipment for a better drawing‘:

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