For this drawing, they are just hands you can say, but they are from the movie ‘Biutiful’ by Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu…

…I watched recently; I was deeply moved by this scene and the following one. So I decided it is worth to draw it.

Biutiful hands drawing 1

I missed capturing the very first step I mention always which is setting proportions, I did with a 2B sketching pencil. Three hands, the light comes from the right, taking the ring off.

Biutiful hands drawing 2

Darkening and setting main features in this step. I used 2B, 4B, 6B, 8B sketching pencils, white derwent and soft pastel pencils.

biutiful movie hand drawing

The step of details and background. 
For the illusion of skin in the light parts of the left hand on the right side, I use slight short lines in any direction -according to age slight or strong wrinkles of course-, I used a hard pencil(HB) and little slight white charcoal pencil marks for those details.
Maybe a detail will do it:

biutiful hand detail.jpgAround knuckles on fingers there are archy lines like ovals, they are not connected; take a look at your own hand.

For the background, I used a 4B charcoal pencil, soft sketching pencils and soft pastel pencil for lighter tones and smoothing the look of the ceiling. In the scene the camera is focused on hands; that makes background blur; for that reason, blending stump seemed the best to blend tones and lose details for the background.

Such a heavy movie, but I filled with hope in the end, kind of. 
I even thought of a meaning for lighting in the scene here. Little talk going on just before he(with the big hand on the right) passes away and goes to a snowy forest; he gives the earthy thing ‘the ring‘ to his daughter.

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