Have you seen Ben Barnes ever like that?

Last year today on a full A3 paper(was biig)…

I prepared this post a month before I created ‘Stretched Paw’. Better share it with you without touching a word:

Have you ever seen Ben Barnes like that?
I hear you saying “So you say he is Ben Barnes really!?”

I wish I could only share success posts here. I don’t think that this is a very succesfull drawing, but my patience against too many details must be counted. The point is I couldn’t make him smile, actually. Let me introduce him: Ben Barnes. It is from a scene from ‘Killing Bono’ movie.
Well, I couldn’t make him smile and look excited on paper. Also I skipped from A4 to A3, so it took a really long time. But I tried anyway.
Don’t be afraid of making mistakes 😛 (Thanks me, I am consoled)

ben barnes killing bono 2.jpg

I don’t think that you, dear Ben, are reading this. But even if you do I promise to draw a better one of you someday.

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