Face shapes

What are those face shapes? Why do we need to analyze them?

Those types in order I studied here are:
Oval, inverted triangle, round, square, triangle, diamond, oblong, rectangle, heart

When you draw/paint someone’s portrait, the first thing you do is to analyze the position and shape of the head. You don’t necessarily have to say for that person “has a rectangle face shape”, but you can compare the width and length of the face, compare jaw and forehead like wide and narrow, pointed chin or broad jawline etc. to reflect her/him on your paper/canvas better and easier; that is the point of this study.
1 oval face shape

An oval face shape is like an inverted egg, longer than wider, has soft features; see the light orange guideline on the drawing. The forehead is wider than the chin and chin is narrow.
For example; Jake Gyllenhaal, Jessica Alba, Megan Fox, that’s also me :p

2 inverted triangle face shape

An inverted triangle face shape has a wide forehead and pointed chin. You can see the widest parts at the left side with orange guidelines; in the small version you can fit a triangle to the face. In comparing with an oval shape is that the difference inverted triangle shape has a sharper look; oval softer. Sides are taper from forehead to the chin.
For example: Tyra Banks, Victoria Beckham.

3 round face shape

A round face shape has pretty much the same length and width, where we can fit an imaginary circle on the face, like in the drawing I did with an orange circle. A person with a rounded face has a rounded chin, soft rounded jaw line, soft face line features. In the vertical check the widest part of the face is cheekbones. In compare with an inverted triangle, the widest part is lower in a round face.
For example: Cameron Diaz, Kirsten Dunst, Jack Black

4 square face shapeA square face shape is just like a round face shape about width and length of the face; like almost the same length; but this time feature is not that soft. Forehead and jawline have lengths so close to each other; that makes a heavy jawline; in other words broad and cornered. Sides of a square face has a straight line; it was round in a round face.
For example: Olivia Wilde; Kelly Osbourne.5 triangle face shape

A triangle face shape is longer than it is wider; has a cornered broad jawline and jaw is the widest part of the face. Sides are straight and taper from the jaw to the forehead (like a triangle fits the face on the right side of the drawing); that makes a narrow forehead.
For example: Mnie Driver

PS: While drawing pay attention the jawline to be symmetrical; bones at the same level; one of them shouldn’t be higher I think.

6 diamond face shape

7 oblong face shapeA diamond face shape is longer than it is wider. The wides part at the sides is around the eyes or cheekbones. Sides are taper from cheekbones to the forehead and to the chin; so the forehead is narrow and chin is pointed 
For example: Madonna

An oblong face shape is longer than it is wider. Forehead and jawline appear to have the same width. Sides are straight and the chin is pointed.
For example: Liv Tyler, Sarah Jessica Parker, Adam Levine

8 rectangle face shape

A rectangle face shape is longer than it is wider just like oblong shape. Here the difference is that oblong has softer features in the jawline. Rectangle shape has a broad jawline and its width is almost the same with the forehead.
For example: Meryl Streep, Hilary Swank, Arnold Schwarzenegger

9 heart face shape

A heart face shape has a wide forehead and pointed chin. Sides are taper from forehead to the chin; that also sound like an inverted triangle shape. Hairline may appear like the up part of a heart.
In the compare with diamond face shape; heart shape has a wide forehead and diamond has narrow.
For example: Leonardo Dicaprio, Scarlett Johansson, Chloe Moretz

drawing of face shapes 3
Faces altogether

And I must say that some faces are strange (when you’re a stranger 😛 also faces look ugly when you’re alone).

Websites with makeup, hairstyle and glasses contents give lots of information about those shape features; what glasses shape you should have; which make up you should wear; what haircut you should have etc. Some woman magazines even tell you your character based on your face shape, hahah!

By comparing some of them between each other I tried to point differences and make it clearer, because it had seemed too chaotic for me at first; shapes seemed more or less similar. And also when you check google images those celebrities, one person appears in different face shapes in different sources. Don’t lose yourself in it. Just try to see the general features and examine faces from the front.

I hope it helped you to understand. Let’s see how it will be helpful in our future portrait studies!

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