Head and face proportions

Before telling you about those proportions I will lead you through a passage to show my studies from 3 years ago. Fasten your seatbelts, the dark ride starts.

Year 2014:

2014 october ticket receipt face drawing

Here are the very first face drawings of mine, on a ticket print -_-
Wasn’t there an any empty paper or anything I wonder. I drew those faces before any knowledge of anatomy or any eye, eyebrow, lip blabla drawing.
I had thought the second face is far better than the firts one, but it was obvious that I had to study every single piece alone, starting with eyebrows 😀

2014 november face drawings

6 faces above. I am goint to share their haired versions too when it will be time for hair in here.
I had tought the first one looks like an alien. An interesting fact that while drawing I didn’t realize that e.g. eyebrows are far away from being symmetrical; today my eyes are better educated about this. It needs practice and time.
In our architectural studies our eyes were sensitive to milimeters, good I haven’t turn out to be obssessed.
About symmetry, second face is about better, see the eyebrows; and the third one is better than the second.

2014 november sad faces

A little bit from hair study on the right up, but beside that there are faces with extremly thin chins (no skull knowledge I had back then), after studying soem anatomy we better know about jaw;  something like ‘looking for the right form‘ but somehow those faces had too thin chins, sad manners and a little excitement.

the woman on the subway drawing

Then it was december that year, I saw a woman with a very catchy face on the subway; short hair, thin curved eyebrows, small slant blue eyes, biiig cheekbones, over 60 years old I suppose. I drew her without wrinkles with my limited drawing skills as much as I remember her.

2015 february face drawing

I was having long breaks between those studies, that’s bad to tell. Then another drawing came in 2015, around february I suppose.

Better portraits followed after another. I was seeing the progress. That feeling is very satisfactory.

And 2017, today.
Let’s move on to today’s study.

Previous week I asked where the midline of the face pass from. Prepare your answer.

head proportions 3

Here is a drawing from front, located in a rectange. That rectangle’s size can be 6×8 cm, 9×12 cm, 12x16cm, so on; and 5×7 eyes (5 eyes width, 7 eyes height).

Divide face into two equal pieces from eyes (like in the drawing above). Now check your own answer to the question above 😉
There is a vertical line divides the face into two symmetrical pieces; yet our faces are not perfectşy symmetrical. Though when we make a face symmetrical by an app or a programme face looks weird a little bit.

face proportions

From front site a headshape is like an inverted egg. Let’s draw many eggs now.
On the left side you see 5 eyes width and 7 eyes height, on the right side it is somewhere between 4 to 5.

You will encounter many information about those proportions; but what should be said is that not every fact apply for everyone. There are variations and I apply some of them sometimes; or I use those imaginary lines with my eyes only to compare the distances between the eye-nose, eye-eyebrow, nose-lip, lip-eye etc and make connection between each other.

face proportions2

What is about drawing face is more or less knowing where to locate the parts. So:
Divide face into two equal parts with a horizonal line which passes from eyes. Divide the down part into two again from nose. Divide the down part into two (or a bit from higher) from mouth this time. Easy to remember. But remember that it is not the same for everyone.

In the drawings about there is a V shape in two steps; from chin to the corners of the eyes; lip is in the V area, somewhere between chin and nose, a littler closer to nose.

face proportions3

In here above there is an inverted rectangle from the top of the head to inner corners of eyes, nose and mouth.
On the right side there are some vertical lines from the centre of the eye to the mouth and from the inner corners of the eyes to nose.

I can tell you that when you are a beginner there is a lot to learn and when you do you can see an immediate progress. Every single time you repeat drawing, the result is better than the previous one. I suggest you to draw many faces.

Hope it was helpful. If you have a question or anything to say (maybe about your progress) drop a comment below. See you in the next post ^^


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