Body types and proportions by age

Previous week I mentioned body proportions and this week go on with body types and proportions by age.

A grown up body proportions is somewhere between 1/6 and 1/8 (there are no exact proportions), which is like 6 heads to the whole body, 7 heads, 8 heads to the body. But when we talk about an infant and child, proportions are different.

infant body proportions

On the left as we see the proportion is (1/4) 4 heads high. For the older versions I didn’t mind writing ages, because that’s not really important. When I was 12 I looked like 9 or 10 whatever, for example. The point in here is that an infant almost has no neck, is fat, has a thick waist, fat arms and legs and fingers and toes, you know what I am talking about, we all saw them 😀
The one in the middle is obviously older, proportion is 1/5. Neck is seen some, it is thinner from the face and torso, or maybe from all over.
The one on the right is an older one. Mind the neck. Now it is 6 heads to the whole body.

When I first realized that infants have this 1/4 ratio, they seemed so amusing to me, I really made bad jokes and now I am afraid if I will ever want to have one.

So now let’s go on with body types. When I made some search on internet I came accross to ectomorph, mesomorph, endomorph.
Ectomorph is the skinny type; with fast metobolism, hard to build muscles, low fat percentage.
Mesomorph is the medium type; stronger than ectomorph, low fat.
Endomorph; easy to build muscles, slow metobolism, fat percentage, curvy body.

male and female ectomorph mesomorph endomorph
Female and male body types.

Female model has 1/6.8 head/whole ratio; male has 1/6.5.

woman ectomorph mesomorph endomorphFemale ectomorph, mesomorph and endomorph with 1 to 6.8 head to whole ratio.

man ectomorph mesomorph endomorphHere we see how it is for male.

male and female body types 2.jpg
Enlarge it on the new tab

Beside that there are also body shapes; in order: (female) hourglass, pear or triangle, ice cream cone or inverted triangle, apple, column, brick; (male) triangle, rectangle, square (from shoulder to shoulder/torso, and something I made it up -skinny guy with small stomach, that exists too (comment below if you want to name this type, I can only say my husband’s name).

Some bodies have round shapes, some almost straight, some broader on the shoulders, some bigger hips, etc.

Column is the shape more like more of the models I think. And when I think about hourglass and pear shaped bodies some celebrity names come to my mind. Yeah, them.

I feel it more than ever last years that there is preassure on all of us about our look, especially for woman; that media, advertisements and plastic surgeons viciously make us feel uncomfortable in our own bodies for more money, with setting international beauty standars, like beauty is being the skinniest possible with smallest noses and thick lips and bla bla bla… Smilar faces all around somehow. if not the thing is unhealthy and/or ruins your life, just be in a healthy shape and kick that beauty standard nonsense out of your life. Live yourself.
Well, this is a huge topic, anyway I had a thing to say and I had to say.

That variety about shapes is suprising, take your time and practice.
Happy sketching! See you in the next post!

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