Pretending like storm

I am so often fascinated by the colours of the rising sun or a sign of a storm; that is a view from my window of a fake storm during sunset.

I am like “LOOK AT THE SKY” to the person near me at this moment; “ISN’T IT BEAUTIFUL!” with an overexcited voice; the person remains calm, looks there and say “oo, yes”; “AWESOME” me unable to slow down; it is like finding money on street when you’re broke; like the band you follow is finally in your ‘continent’, or what else could it be like?

About this post’s painting, it was the view from my window, I have been watching the colours on the facade of the opponent building with the sunlight reflection on it, it was so much like yellow-pink, and wondering of those two guys at home with me at the moment if they see it, too.

Sky must be beautiful everywhere.

pretending like storm oil painting stepsProud to say I started without sketching pencils this time :p My aim is covering the whole canvas surface and then looking for the right tones.
The composition is like there are smooth clouds in lilac in the background and the closer clouds are in the darker tones of the mixture of navy-red-purple(blue+red) and -to have some tones- white of course. Partly I used orange and yellow too on sky.
There is a hint of the sun a bit left up of the center of the canvas, which is light yellow. 

pretending like storm oil painting.jpgThis sunlight effects a small circle of area and colours around a little bit yellow, that turns that lilac into light pinky-orange colour, right around the sun.

I have worked on details with sunflowers again, until I find a better way for details, using sunflower is the tastiest way so far.

So, here I have ‘Pretending like storm’; the view from my window, 18×24 cm oil painting.

pretending like storm oil painting detail 2.jpgA close-uppretending like storm oil painting detail 1Another close-up


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